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wongDuncan Wong - I may not be able to tell you what kind of film was used, what model of camera or lens were used, what aperture and shutter setting was. However, you can probably find out the answer why it was done, what the thinking was in my mind, or even what the question was in my mind. It may not be an answer at all.

williamsRichard Williams - diva photography has been a ten year project to explore creative images of women. This site displays only some of the 7000 plus images I've  taken and reminds me that work is never finished.....

wellsCraig Wells - Primarily my travels and are within the western and eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and most of my photographs come from this region. My interest of imagery lies in the natural beauty of rivers and streams, subtle white water cascades, the delicate textures that lie within the forest and the timeless stature of the highest granite mountains.

TsantakisManolis Tsantakis first became involved with photography twenty years ago. He studied photography at the Art and Design Institute, in Athens. He subsequently worked as a professional photographer in the field of advertising and later on, in publications of tourist material, creating postcards, diaries and posters having as a theme the islands of the Aegean Sea, giving a different view and an artistic approach to the tourist publications.

SarcinellaGiuseppe Sarcinella - After my educational and practical studies at the Photography School of Lugano in 1990, I have worked as a journalist cooperating with various Swiss newspapers. In 1991 I have worked as a photoreporter in Cambodia for the Swiss Red Cross. Thereafter I have focused my work towards related photography, looking for the essence of natural purity and attempting to capture my subject's hidden quality

roachAnthony Roach - Not just scenic images of the Australian landscape but evocative interpretations of their form. The photography features images of the seascapes and coastal pools of Sydney including Coogee Wylies Baths Clovelly Bronte and Bondi Beach as well as images of the infinitely beautiful and surreal macro landscape.

politisPaul Politis - Black and white photography focusing on the simplicity of the mundane and commonplace. Still lifes, nudes, night photography and more.

philipsTim Phillips extensive collection of nudes and landscapes

masonMark Raymond Mason - As far as I go, I'm a jack-of-all-trades, a gypsy, a free thinker and a dreamer, a protagonist in my own life and an antagonist in many other's.  I'm not a typical frustrated artist, but maybe just a little.  I love my life, and I do with it what I can.

liscombMyatt Lipscomb - For an artist's statement I sometimes use the following: "The Subject of each Photograph is in its own realm a counterpart to the others; and the beauty inside you and me is their commonality."

levyKen Levy- My camera fires during a gut feeling, full of emotional reactions to what I find in the field. Sometimes it's a personal discovery or a deep intimacy with nostalgia, sometimes a shout in celebration or warning. Other times it's a presentation of what needs to be known, or it's a sharing of a quiet moment, a brief respite and cause for pause.

heiselbergMorten Heiselberg - Morten enjoys traveling and spending time in the mountains. He has become a skilled landscape photographer. His landscape and travel pictures can be found in magazines, calendars, and books, and he provides photos to photo libraries. He has also had exhibitions in Stavanger, London, Birmingham, and Aix-des-Bains.

HeimRoland S. Heim - Schätzt das Werk vieler Fotografen, wie beispielsweise von Bettina Rheims, Helmut Newton, Gabriele Rigon, Andreas Bitesnich, u.a. Trägt zu Ehren eines der größten kreativen Genies aller Zeiten - Salvatore Dali - den Buchstaben "S" für Salvatore in seinem Namen. In manchen seiner neueren Werke verfließen die Grenzen zwischen Fotografie und Malerei.

hamiltonAlex H Hamilton - Alex Hamilton was born in April 1900 near Slamannan, a village just south of Falkirk in central Scotland. Away from work, he immersed himself in classic and contemporary writers; among the latter, he took a particular interest in the work of Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw. He also spent many days exploring the hills and byways of Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire and Argyll.

harrisonJohn Harrison - You are now in a place that does'nt actually exist, has no real form, cannot be touched, is...intangible. A place which, although it does'nt exist, all things exist within it. Your mind - The greatest non-existent entity in the universe. In so many ways similar to this cyberworld, everything exists within yet somehow nothing exists within. Yet your mind is infinitely more superior to this cyberworld. With it you can love, feel, create, understand, believe, see, dream.

grayRob Gray (aka the Feral Fotographer) has been a photographer (either a professional or amateur) since 1971 when he bought his first camera in Panama. Rob lives permanently on-the-road looking for images and avoiding real work as much as possible. He photographs the Australian landscape with a 5x4" field camera.

flowersDewayne Flowers - The human body is THE work of art that will never be replaced. However, I love to enhance works that I see and to me the human form is the best canvas that one could work on. Watching the model become part of the art dimension that we as humans are not supposed to experience as they embrace and explore the fantasy, their sexuality, and being part of the color spectrum becomes part of the work just as much as the photograph does.

edwardsTommy Edwards is completely self-taught and does not believe in the confinements of formal training. He believes that everyone is an artist, especially the subjects that he photographs. "A connection between artists is the soul's expression." He also teaches his skills to other photographers via workshops from time to time.

daeleWorks by Joris Van Daele

coehloCarlos Pinto Coelho - a journalist and host of a daily TV cultural program in Portugal, "ACONTECE". "Photography is solely my hobby, so donut expect this site to be a masters one", says Mr. Pinto Coelho, 55, a committed admirer of Henry Cartier Bresson, Richard Avedon, Doisneau and the Portuguese José Manuel Rodrigues masterpieces.

chaldakovNick Chaldakov - For the artist location is not important. In art photography it is the view point which matters. Every object may turn out to be a masterpiece of art photography... if you succeed in finding the true viewpoint. I have been trying to find the abstract appearance in ordinary things. Lights and shapes are constantly stimulating my imagination, creating thousands of images. It is my desire to transform them into pictures which other people can see and understand.

bauerDaniel Bauer, author of the book "Black Magic Women" with erotic black-and-white art nudes from Madagascar, also photographs private female clients. His portraits and nudes are very sensual and personal. The huge online-gallery gives a good impression about his unique photographic style. For his free artistic work Daniel Bauer likes to work with natural amateur models."

AugierJean-Bernard AUGIER. Photography has been my passion
for the last 20 years. I live on the French Riviera in Nice, France. My first exhibition was in black and white, in Corsica twenty years ago. My principal research and motivation is BEAUTY: Beauty of Woman, beauty of nature, and beauty in Art. The world, today needs beauty more than ever.

allettoAlberto Alletto - Instinctive photographer. His aim is to crystalize though the lens a moment a trill an make it eternal ; to make emotions the objective. Nomadic photographer. Travelling as an occasion of a imaginary route where the curiosity will only be satisfied in the wide horizons, meeting cultures from far away, with the history on their faces. Only the photography can complete the miracle of synthesizing these two ways of being and being able to share them. This is his sense of passion as photographer.

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