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5011 Poppy fields, Maidenhead, Berkshire. Most of the Thames valley was glowing with red poppies. 5013 Foxgloves, Hedsor, Berkshire. A Forestry Commision plantation. I love the fine details in the pines and the contrast with the vertical spikes of flowers. 5070 Crazies Hill, Berkshire.  A tiny stream between the trees. 5072 Bluebells, Binfield Heath, Reading.
5079 Wheel tracks in wheat, Pinkneys Green. Vandalism. crop circles with no sense of style, or an annonymous installation artist? 5081  Warren Row, Berkshire. Bracken under pines in summer. 5084 Cockpole Green, Berkshire. A country lane under summer sky. 5089 Maidenhead, Berkshire. A farm cottage in a wheat field.

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The photographs in this Gallery were all made in the Thames Valley region, to the west of London between Windsor and Oxford. They represent part of a body of work that started 1970 and is now complete.

5095 Crazies Hill, Berkshire. Sunlight on fallen leaves. 5096A Berkshire. A view across the downs. 5119 Cockmarsh, Cookham, Berkshire. Pollarded willows. 5139 Stoke Common, Buckinghamshire. An area of wild marshland. The textures and subtle forms in this image make it one of my personal favourites.
5153 Maidenhead, Berkshire. Much photographed by my students in the 1980ᅰs, this tree is now no more. 5156 Primroses, Ashley Hill, Berkshire. I waited over three hours for the light to be right on this cluster of little gems. 5163 Pinkneys Green, Berkshire. A pair of cottages facing the meadow. 5178 Berkshire Downs, Streatley. A storm brewing over a downland farm.
5185 Christmas Common, Oxfordshire 5220 The Ridgeway, Compton Downs, Berkshire. This ancient path is under threat from abuse by motobikes and 4WD ᅭleisureᅮ vehicles. 5226b The Ridgeway, Berkshire, a tree like a signpost.